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COLLECTIVE MARK Collective Trademark "Cervim – Heroic Viticulture"

A collective trademark to identify the wines produced by heoric viticulture


Among the many aims pre-established by Cervim in the past 35 years of activity, for the valorisation of protection of mountain viticulture in/or difficult orographic conditions, it was always the necessity of identification in the eyes of the consumers, the wines of the Heroic Viticulture.
Wines produced in difficult contexts, frequently after hours of manual hard work, which have a market law that cannot guarantee the producers a proper income adjusted to the work that has been realized. Wines produced by actual vineyards adapted for centuries to the clime and territories that give unic characteristics and perfume to the wine.

Wines that are connected in a undoubtable way to a difficult territory that only knowledgeable and perseverant man have known how to adapt it at their own requests ,,facilitating’’ to say it so, their own work.

The presence of man who knew how to create landscapes of extraordinary beauty, many of them recognized as being part of UNESCO’s world heritage.

The presence of man, instead of creating an income in areas that area normally in disadvantage and under the risk of abandonment, has ruled a territory under a high hydrological risk, maintaining it and administrating it like only the passion for your own land could do it.

Characteristics and qualities that often aren’t known by consumers which found in front of shelves of hundreds of wines produced worldwide don’t identify the peculiarities.

From this point of view and with the aim of creating a defined identity of this pearls of viticultures, CERVIM has elaborated, created and registrated at a European level a collective mark of belonging named ,,Heroic Viticulture’’ that includes all wines that are produced in the areas that are identified by their own parameters:

- Vineyards cultivated at altitudes higher than 500 meters above the sea level ( excluding the top of mountain)

- Vineyards cultivated on fast slope ground superior than 30%

- Vineyards cultivated on terraces and/or steps

- Vineyards cultivated on small islands

The trademark is therefore usable by all wineries or organizations on the territory, associated with Cervim, through requests at CERVIM office, using the form available below.