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Political and administrative bodies Political and administrative bodies

The Bodies that regulate and allow the functioning of CERVIM.

The Bodies of Cervim are:

a) Assemby of the members

b) The Board of Directors
c) The Technical-Scientific Committee
d) The Auditor

The bodies referred to in letters b), c) d) remain in office for three years and in any case until the new bodies are installed, in order to ensure the full functionality of the body.

Assembly of the Members

The Assembly is made up of all members of CERVIM.

The Assembly is chaired by the President of the CERVIM.
The Ordinary Assembly meets at least once a year.

Among its tasks has the important function of:

determine the number of members of the Board of Directors and appoint them, except for the directors appointed by the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta;
appoint the Scientific Technical Committee on a proposal from the Board of Directors;
approve the balance sheet and the report of the Board of Directors, the budget and the annual programme of activities.

Board of Directors

Functions and members of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the executive organisation for following and executing CERVIM’s objectives. The Board of Directors lasts for three years 

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is by right the Chairman of CERVIM and he has the signature and legal representation.

The Board of Directors is made up of at least seven and no more than fifteen members.

The Board of Directors meets at least once a year in order to present the annual account and the budget.

The Chairman and two components are nominated by the Regional Government of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley.

The members of categories B and C have the right to nominate a single common representative in the Board of Directors.

Composition of the Cervim Board of Directors - Three-year period 2020-2023

Stefano Celi - Chairman

Board members:

Roberto Gaudio

Ivo Joly

Alessandro Fede Pellone

Jean Paul Ramio

José Tomé Roca

Patricia Picard

Alberto Zannol

Alba Balcells i Barril

The Technical-Scientific Committee

The main body with which CERVIM pursues its mission

The Technical-Scientific Committee is made up of experts in the sector of extreme winegrowing nominated by the Assembly following proposal of the Board of Directors.

Within the CTS there are three working groups active on different topics: “supply chain technique”, “socio-economic aspects” and “territory, environment and landscape architecture”.

An important act of the CTS was to define the criteria of mountain and / or steep slope viticulture, which are:

  • Vineyard sites at altitudes over 500 meters (1600 feet).
  • Vines planted on slopes greater than 30%.
  • Vines planted on terraces or embankments.
  • Vines planted on small islands in difficult growing conditions.

Over the years, the Scientific Technical Committee has operated in different areas of intervention in order to find technological solutions capable of reducing production costs, to propose suitable structural interventions for an orographically difficult territory, to recover the native vines of the mountain areas and re-evaluate the specificity and uniqueness of the wines obtained from them and, finally, to promote the culture of the vine in marginal areas and to encourage their protection and safeguarding.

Composition of the Technical-Scientific Committee - three-year period 2020-2023

Dr. Diego Tomasi - Chairman

Prof. José Manuel Silva Rodriguez

Prof. Marco De Vecchi

Prof. Fernando Bianchi de Aguiar

Dr. Fabio Zottele 

Prof. Denis Rusjan

Prof. Vincenzo Gerbi

Dr. Bertrand Chatelet

Prof. Juan Manuel Palerm

Prof.Maria Sassi

Dr. Mathias Scheidweiler

Prof. Olivier Viret

Dr. Xoan Elorduy