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11 April 2022

Presented the first 6 "Cervim - Heroic Viticulture Ambassadors "


The first 6 Cervim - Heroic Viticulture Ambassadors presented at Vinitaly 2022


To promote the dissemination of knowledge of the peculiarities of heroic viticulture and its wines with institutions, researchers, technicians, enthusiasts or subjects that directly or indirectly operate in the world of wine and more generally to the general public.

With the aim of promoting viticulture and heroic wines, Cervim has established the figure of "Cervim  - Heroic Viticulture Ambassador". The first 6 Ambassadors were presented to the general public, at Vinitaly in the space of the Sicilian Region. The awards are given to personalities linked to this particular viticulture for passion, knowledge of the places or because they operate directly in these contexts.

Six Ambassador honors: Spanish oenologist of the Canary Islands Manuel Angel Capote Perez, winemaker Roberto Cipresso, oenologist and official of the Regional Institute of Wines, Sicilian oils Giovanni Giardina; the Slovak Erik Klein Export manager and Italian Wine Ambassador; Michele Lauriola of the University of Molise and producer and Alessandra Dinato, export manager - wine consultant.

"Ours is a viticulture - emphasizes the President Cervim Stefano Celi - which assumes a relevant importance for the many aspects it protects and preserves, both material and immaterial: from the anthropic landscape to the traditions, from viticultural biodiversity to cultivation techniques refined over time, able to make accessible and productive inaccessible areas and that today represent a heritage, including landscape, of inestimable value. We believe that the enhancement of this extraordinary heritage can also be conveyed by those who play a role in civil society in Italy and in the world."

The proposals may concern winegrowers, oenologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, technicians or simple enthusiasts distinguished by their collaboration and their proximity to Cervim and its initiatives, with particular reference to the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes wine competition and the Extreme Spirits International Contest. Each member can send proposals for the recognition of the title of "Cervim - Viticulture Heroic Ambassador", in addition to the president who can propose the recognition to personalities of his choice.