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30 May 2023

Third Scorpion Open Day


15th of June in Aymavilles (Aosta Valley - Italy)

Will be held Thursday, June 15, at 9.30, at the vineyards of the Cave des Onzes Communes in Aymavilles (Aosta Valley - Italy), the third open day of the Scorpion project.

The objective of the SCORPION project is to develop a precise, automated spraying machine integrated in an autonomous modular vehicle (robotic platform) able to increase spraying efficiency, and therefore reduce human and animal exposure to pesticides, water consumption and labor costs, also adopting the use of ultraviolet rays to contain fungal diseases.

The program of the day includes:

09:30 Open day: participant registration
10:00 The SCORPION Project: Aims and objectives
10:20 Results obtained and interactive/live demonstration with the Weta prototype in the vineyard
13:00-13:30 Final part of the open day, final session

The event is open to all.