Roberto Gaudio new president

Roberto Gaudio new president of the CERVIM
The new president of the Cervim is Roberto Gaudio, who along with councillors Ivo Joly and Giulio Moriondo will represent the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region on the board of directors, as provided for by the law regulating the centre. The other Board Members will be appointed by category A associates to complete the team for the next 3-year term of office.
A 54-year-old graduate in agronomy, and registered Aosta Valley Autonomous Region scientist in Agronomy and Forestry since 1986, as a free-lance professional Roberto Gaido is well versed in the centre’s work, having provided consultancy on its behalf for several years and covered the role of coordinator from 2000 to 2005.
One priority for Cervim’s new president, Roberto Gaudio, will be to follow up and implement the heroic viticulture brand project. The procedure for applying the brand regulation will have to be examined as well as the scope of its use, management and control. Another important project will be to succeed in carrying out a census of vine-growing enterprises which could be of interest to the CERVIM. All the projects and new strategies will be accomplished in synergy with the administrative bodies and associate members of the centre.