Cervim's Organisation

The CERVIM's bodies are:
  • The Assembly,
  • The Board of Directors,
  • The Technical and Scientific Committee

The Assembly

The Assembly is made up of all the members belonging to CERVIM who take part through their own representative.The Assembly is chaired by the Chairman of CERVIM.

The Assembly:
  • determines the number of components of the Board of Directors and nominates them, with the exception of the administrators nominated by the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley according to the law;
  • nominates the Technical-Scientific Committee following the proposal of the Board of Directors;
  • approves the annual account and the report of the Board of Directors, the budget and the annual programme of activities.

The Board of Director

The Board of Directors is made up of at least seven and no more than fifteen members.
The Chairman and two components are nominated by the Regional Government of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley. The Board of Directors lasts for three years and its members can be re-elected.

Technical-Scientific Committee

 Within the CTS there are three active work groups active studying different themes: “production line techniques”, social-economic aspects” and “territory, environment and architecture of the landscapes”.
An important activity of the CTS, has been that of defining the criteria for determining viticulture in mountains and/or on steep slopes, which are mainly:

terrain gradient over 30%;

altitude above 500 metres a.s.l.;

viticultural systems on terraces and wide shallow ledges.

Over the years, the Technical-Scientific Committee has worked actively in different areas in order to find technological solutions able to reduce production costs, to propose suitable structural interventions for an orographically difficult territory, to recover and develop the autochthonous vines of mountain zones and reassess the specific qualities and particular features of the wines obtained from them and, finally, to promote the cultivation of vines in marginal areas and their protection.