Objectives of the Center for Studies

The activities undertaken by cervim intend to protect, enhance and support the "heroic vineyards"
The CERVIM pursues its mission by proposing solutions for the protection of land, to reduce production costs and enhance the quality of wine products, undertaking scientific research, through experience tested and discussed in national and international levels.
The activities undertaken by CERVIM intend to pursue the following objectives:
  • preserve, sustain, enhance and promote mountain viticulture and / or relief in difficult conditions (steep slopes and terraces), threatened by abandonment because of the characteristics of the territory and the high cost of production;
  • maintain relations with institutions, both public and private, which in any way concerned with protection and enhancement of the wine sector, including through the conclusion of agreements and conventions;
  • promote technical, scientific, cultural and promotions related to the mountain viticulture, including the organization of traveling on mountain wines;
  • promote a wine-growing areas in the mountainous presence, environmental conservation, landscape protection and maintenance of a social and cultural constituent prerequisite for the activation of rural development processes;
  • promoting solutions to the protection of mountain areas, reducing production costs and processing of the grapes;
  • enhance the quality of wines mountain, developing research, technological innovation and dissemination of knowledge;
  • act as coordinating body of mountain viticulture bodies and institutions operating at regional, national and international;
  • manage, by involving other public or private sales promotions including economic and commercial nature, aimed at pursuing the goals associations.