InTERRACED Net Project

Strategies and networks for the conservation and enhancement of the cross-border terraced landscape
A cross-border cooperation project for the study, knowledge and development of enhancement of a common terraced landscape, a UNESCO intangible heritage.

The terraced landscape, a distinctive sign of the cross-border territory, an intangible heritage of knowledge and ancient knowledge recognized by UNESCO, is the space for action of InTERRACED, an integrated and multifunctional project for the recovery and environmental, social and cultural enhancement of a common good.
Actors nine Italian and Swiss partners who starting from the naturalistic and cultural characterization of the terraced territories and from their mapping, will implement emblematic interventions with good recovery and management practices of the terraces, educational courses, tourist enhancement itineraries, training activities for maintainers and managers of this asset.

Partners in the project:
Italian leader:  Ente per la Gestione del Parco Regionale di Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone
Swiss leader: Polo Poschiavo (Cantone Grigioni) 

Italian partners:

- Ente di gestione delle aree protette dell'Ossola;
- Consorzio Forestale Lario Intelvese;
- Parco Monte Barro;
- Fondazione Fojanini di Studi Superiori;
- Ente Parco Nazionale Val Grande;

Swiss partners

-  Fondazione Paesaggio Mont Grand