Milano - 04.11.2016

Heroic viticulture in the Alpin macroregions

Meeting friday 4th of November from 14 to 16:30 at University of Milan and CIME

A trip toward the discovery of medium-high altitude cultivations, of the new approaches to the quality of the product to understand how identical vineyards can express themselves in a completely different way  along the alps. It is planned for Friday, 4th of November from 14:00 to 16:30 (aula magna, open gallery of the University of Milano’s rectorship, street Festa del Perdono, 7) the heroic viticulture laboratory included in CIME, that will take place from 3 to 5 November in Milan. At the event entitled ‘’Heroic Viticulture in the Alpine  macro region’’ moderated by the president of CERVIM, Roberto Gaudio, will be present  cultivators from all the Italian and Switzerland Alpin areas to speak about their experiences in the mountains, between  complexity and potential.

The cyclist champion , Francesco Moser was present as a guest of honor which will speak about his experience as a viticulture cultivator in Trentino. Between the institutional interventions, those of Gianni Fava, agriculture assessor of Lombardy Region and Renzo Testolin, Agriculture and Natural Resources assessor of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley, beyond the conclusions of Osvaldo Failla, Professor in Agricultural and Environmental, Production, Territory, Agro energy Sciences at the University of Milan. In the context of the event will also be presented the final event of the competition  "Mondial des Vins Extrêmes".

The awardings for Mondial des Vins Extrêmes in Milan, will allow the presence of an extended audience that could be interested in the competition and will also allow  the extreme wines and in general the viticulture to enjoy of an important exposure.  The event will contribute to the promotion and appreciation of the characteristics and qualities of the mountain viticulture of which Aosta Valley and Lombardy in the context of a proficient  collaboration,  become true sustainers in the international public eye of viticulture – underlines the assessor of Agriculture and National Resources of Aosta Valley, Renzo Testolin.

Speaking of heroic viticulture  means admitting and promoting a product which is characteristic for the mountain territory of Lombardy, where the vineyard, especially in Valetellina and Valcamonica, has always offered excellent wines. This, thanks to the work of man and the biodiversity of those territories in which 20 thousand hectoliters  of certified quality wine, on an area destined to Dop and Igp of more than 600 hectares’’ – says Gianni Fava, the assessor of  Agriculture of Lombardy.

It is required also a sensorial test, accompanied  by producers from  a reserved selection of products for 100 participants.

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