Heroic viticulture. Gaudio confirmed as president of Cervim

Roberto Gaudio is been confirmed as head of the Center. The Regional Council of Aosta Valley, under proposal of the Region's president and the agriculture and natural resources counselor, has named Roberto Gaudio as president of the Board of Directors, Stefano Celi and Edoardo Braga as Counselors and Jean-Claude Favre as president of the Board of Auditors, all of them representatives of the region within the Center for research, studies and valorisation for heroic and mountain viticulture CERVIM, for a three-year period.

 A confirmation of the fact that under his lead (with this reconfirmation Gaudio is in his third leading-period) the Cervim got numerous achievements: between the last ones, we can find the record etidion of Mondial des Vins Extrêmes and the Unique Text of Wine, which became law in the last months and which dedicates an article (7) to heroic viticulture, thanks to Gaudio's great job. Moreover, as the vice minister of Agricultural Politique Olivero announced in the last days - during the International Congress of Mountain and strong pendant Viticulture (organised by Cervim at Conegliano) - the Cervim will be involved in the drafting of the implementing degree.