1. Organisation of the “MONDIAL DES VINS EXTREMES” wine competition

The competition, organised by the CERVIM under the auspices of the O.I.V.  (Organistion International de la Vigne et du Vin), is the only wine competition in the  world exclusively for wines produced in areas that are mountainous or involve extreme vine-growing, also known as heroic viticulture. The competition selects the best wines with the aim of promoting and safeguarding produce from small vine-growing areas having their own distinctive history, traditions and uniqueness; areas with high environmental and landscape value, mostly cultivating local vine varieties. During the year, the winning wines feature in wine-tasting sessions and presentations at various wine events.

The “CERVIM – HEROIC VINE-GROWING” collective brand

In order to distinguish wines produced in the areas on which it focuses its attention, the Cervim has conceived the “Cervim – Heroic vine-growing” collective brand, to be used by those producers that agree to respect the related procedural guideline.


The trademark has been registered and deposited in Europe and will thus become one of the tools for recognising the peculiarities of heroic wine-growing at International level.

Action at institutional level to obtain the deserved recognition for mountain and stee slopes viticulture

In order to guarantee the protection of viticulture in mountainous and/or steeply sloping areas and on small islands, the CERVIM maintains institutional relations with all the bodies operating in the vine-growing and wine-producing sector, also to raise awareness during regional, national and international legislation processes.


The CERVIM’s endeavours are oriented toward encouraging the presence of man, conserving the environment, protecting the landscape, preserving the social and cultural fabric, and enhancing the quality of heroic wines.